xD a button~ use it if you want o_O;8D Whoo! Welcome to dream*scar.net. :3 This is the personal art site of Heather Meade, more commonly known as Hchano. ;3 Click the links above, and magic happens in that in that useless looking space down there at the bottom, making it a subnavigator. Oooohh xO!

Here is my dA site, which has some art from here, but will be updated very rarely now. :P

sections status
info - not up.
art - all working, 'cept 'comics'.
stuff - not up.
links - not up o.O;

recent updates
feb 12, 2k5 i update so often that i don't think i'll bother saying each time when i've updated. new things have a white border around them for a week anyway... i posted a few things in original recently tho. a while back i posted something in giftart too. =l

feb 02, 2k5 posted my half of an art trade to meru_chan...also posted a pic i got from ritsura. these are both in the giftart section. edit: added meruchan's gifts to me..she did two ;_;~

jan 29, 2k5 just finished a pic for lina. you can find it in the giftart section. I've also posted a sketch in the junk section and an older picture in original section.

jan ?? - 24, 2k5 Me and lovieJ have been working on the site, and it's rather presentable now. I think everyone should hump Joshu, cos he did a lot of work on the site. xD Like prolly 90% of it xP!

Anyway, I just posted a brand new art in the original art section, so take a look~